Monday, December 4, 2023

Could you have joint Opp by drinking tea?: Kishor slams Nitish

Nitish Kumar and Prashant Kishor are at loggerheads but according to the latter, Nitish had “an offer” for him and asked for his “help in strengthening the party.”

“I was with JDU before, and on the topic of CAA, NRC, I had to part ways. They forced me to exit, and now that I am trying to do something new, I want to start it on my own personal level. It is his kindness that he gave me an offer again but I could not have accepted it,” Kishor said on Republic TV. 

A few days back, Kumar had said that Kishor ‘does not know the ABC of politics’. Reacting to it the same, the poll strategist said, “Who is going to believe that? Maybe I seriously don’t know, and therefore, am coming to Bihar to learn it. I don’t boast about having knowledge about everything. I am accepting that whatever little I know, I have to learn better and understand better from that, and for that I am going from one village to another, meeting people.”

“Nitish Kumar, who is a senior leader, a Chief Minister, should tell fools like me what good he has done in Bihar, which we are not able to understand. Bihar’s financial state, state of the health sector, the education sector, employment– if there has been an improvement you must tell us,” the former Vice President of JDU said, adding that the data shows otherwise. 

Lambasting Kumar further, Kishor highlighted how since 2012, this was his ‘6th attempt’ to form the government in Bihar. “He has taken 360-degree turns. Today’s formation (Mahagathbandhan) does not have longevity. It may last a few days or a few months. They have come together to form the government, without the mandate.”

Further elaborating on his point, the poll strategist opined that it would not be easy for JDU, RJD, Congress and the Left parties to fight the elections together, and said, “To keep all the seven parties under the same umbrella is not an easy task, and that is why I keep saying that the next assembly elections would not be in favour of Nitish Kumar.” 

Citing the incident where a mining inspector got death threats in Bihar, Kishor said, “He was asked ‘Our government is here in the state’, so I would like to ask Nitish Kumar if he is ready to accept that Lalu Yadav, who is no less than a mafia in the state, it is his government?” 

The former JDU Vice President mocked the ‘Janata ki Sarkar’ claim saying, ‘It is not the people of Bihar grabbing the collar of the DSP, it is not the people of Bihar conducting loots, those who are doing are the goons, the anti-social elements, and they are claiming that it is their government. Nitish Kumar must answer.” 

Starting with Kumar’s Delhi trip, Kishor said, “When he was with BJP, he used to go and meet the saffron party leaders. Now that he is opposing the BJP, he is meeting the Opposition parties’ leaders. It is not like you will go, have tea, coffee, have meals together and a united front will come up.” 

Mulling on if the caste-based census can be the cause, the poll strategist asked, “Okay, then what is the plan…Are they going to go from one village to another? Will they individually go or go together? A few days back KCR Ji visited, did he speak on the caste-based census? “

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