Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Cow Cuddling: The New Wellness Trend Where People Pay To Cuddle Cows

Mental patients are being treated through Indian cows in North Queensland, Australia. For this, cow cuddling centers have been set up here. Where mentally ill people are reducing their stress by spending time with cows, caring for them. For this, fees are also being charged from the people. According to the information, 4 National Disability Insurance Scheme companies are planning to cover this therapy in their new scheme as well. Indian breed cows have been selected for the scheme as they are calm in nature.

It is being told that people are getting a lot of benefit from this therapy. People suffering from personality disorders, anxiety and depression are recovering after realizing its benefits. Some people say that spending time with cows calms the burdened mind.

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During the Covid epidemic, people were locked in the house for a long time, a person named Fox, who did work from home, told that in Covid he was doing work from home from his friend’s farm. It was during this time that he came to know about the benefits of cow cuddling. He told that I started spending a lot of time with the cows and I felt good doing so. I used to sit near the cows in the morning and evening and sometimes during lunch because I just felt the need of someone with me to overcome the loneliness. It helped me a lot to overcome loneliness. Fox told that he is a business strategist and now his entire focus is on taking care of mental health.
A person with autism is hesitant to talk to other human beings. In such a situation, people suffering from this disease with cow therapy become very comfortable with cows. Later on, they gradually start getting comfortable with humans as well. For this reason cow therapy is now becoming popular in Australia.

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