Rahul Gandhi now leaves Indian Muslims in lurch

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Would real Rahul Gandhi please stand up?

If I was an Indian Muslim, I would have a whole lot of questions today and certainly no answers.

Guha & Mander work overtime to keep Muslims away from Hindus

MSM Fake News Monitor: Indian Express on PM’s EAC

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Indian Express Fake News: Spot the difference

Till a few years ago, it was quite a fun to “spot the difference” between two almost identical images.

ALERT: now brace for riots or bomb hits

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Now brace for riots or bomb attacks

The way it works, look after yourself and your dear ones in public places over the next few days.

“Divide and Rule”: Media follows British Raj

Rajah-Moonje Pact: Minorities part of Hindus

Now the pseudo-secular forces in India have taken the place of the British, who want the perpetuation of minorities for the ‘politically very considerable advantages’.