Thursday, May 30, 2024

‘Did we ask you to comment on NDTV show?’: Chandrachud to Sudarshan News

Sudarshan TV, in an affidavit, said it was deeply pained when NDTV aired a show on Hindu Terror and Saffron Terror. It seemed to have upset Supreme Court judge DY Chandrachud who told the Sudarshan TV lawyer if the court had asked him to comment on the NDTV show.

“Did we ask you to comment on NDTV show?”, Justice Chandrachud has been quoted by Bar and Bench as saying.

Justice Chandrachud was hearing a plea for stay order on Sudarshan TV’s UPSC Jihad show.

In their affidavit, Sudharshan TV had said that in the NDTV show a Hindu saint was shown with Hindu symbols such as Tilak, Chillum and Trishul. The affidavit further claimed that NDTV aired a programme in which a Hindu cultural gathering was shown in Saffron clothes while discussing “Saffron Terror.”

While on the topic Justice Chandrachud said that, “This is contrary to judicial practice. Just because we ask a question does not mean you will file affidavits…No point in complaining what happened in 2008.”

As per Live Law, when Sudarshan News’ lawyer said that NDTV had broadcast something similar, Justice Chandrachud commented that, “If you start shooting your mouth on affidavits, we will stop asking questions. If in 2032, someone seeks to question what you broadcasted in 2022? There is something of lapse of time.”

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