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“Disha Salian was murdered, there is an eyewitness account”

BJP MLA Nitesh Rane has made a sensational claim in Maharashtra legislative assembly that he has an eye witness account on the murder and gang-rape of Disha Salian, secretary of late Sushant Singh Rajput. 

Rane said that he is in possession of a pen drive and had prepared a transcript on the basis of an eyewitness account, hinting involvement of a state minister in it. 

“If we assume that she committed suicide then why has the CCTV footage from her building disappeared. The watchman has disappeared, pages 8 and 9 of the visitors’ register are missing. Her fiancé Rohan Rai who used to live with her and is an eyewitness is not traceable. I say with full responsibility that it is not a suicide but murder,” Rane said. 

Rane further added that he could have submitted the evidence with the police but he has doubts about their intentions. “The investigations are being done in a particular manner to save someone,” he said.

Asserting that the pen drive bears evidence about the involvement of a state minister in the gang rape and murder of Disha Salian as alleged by an eyewitness, Rane said he would, therefore, submit the pen drive to CBI and not the speaker of the assembly.

“I will not hand it over to you (speaker), rather I shall give it to the CBI through the courts, I do not believe the eyewitness will be alive otherwise,” he said.

Disha Salian, who had worked as Sushant Singh Rajput’s manager for a while, was found dead under mysterious circumstances on June 8, 2020, six days before Sushant allegedly died of suicide. 

Initially, it was alleged that Disha Salian had committed suicide. However, later reports emerged that Salian’s death could have been a murder and possibly linked to the mysterious death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Investigations conducted in the matter revealed that Salian’s phone had remained active even after her death on June 8, 2020. Sources privy to the detailed that Disha’s phone remained active for 9 days after her death. They also stated that Internet calls were made between June 9 and June 17 from Disha’s phone. However, no phone was seized by the officials of Mumbai Police, who had reached the spot within minutes of Disha’s death.

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