Thursday, May 30, 2024

‘Dissenting MPs could have killed Harivansh ji…they are Urban Naxals”

The dissenting MPs could have killed Rajya Sabha deputy chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh had the marshals been not around, claimed Union minister Giriraj Singh.

Singh was referring to the Sunday’s episode in the house which had Opposition MPs tear rules book, break Mic and stand on tables as the Farmers’ Bills were being presented.

They were subsequently suspended but are presently doing a dharna in the lawns of the House.

 “On Sunday, the attack did not happen on just a son of Bihar but on the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman. It was an attack on democracy, on the constitutional set up. They tore away the rules under which they became parliamentarians. Had the marshals been not there, they could have murdered Harivanshji, he could have died,” Singh told news agency ANI.

He further claimed that if the Opposition didn’t apologize, Bihar would take its revenge in the upcoming Assembly elections in November.

“Harivanshji is not just Bihar’s son. He is also a follower of Jayaprakash Narayan. He has worked with Chandrashekhar ji, been a journalist and once he came to the Rajya Sabha and became a deputy chairman, he has been an idol of restraint and constitutional set up,” said Singh.

The union minister even referred to them as “Urban Naxals.”

“These people have come as a new form of Urban Naxals. What do the Naxals do, they kill people and say they are talking about the welfare of the people. In which democracy does this occur? The country will never forgive them,” he said. 


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