Sunday, June 16, 2024

Dollar crash coming, says famed author

Famed writer and economist Robert Kiyosaki has warned investors that the stock markets are about to crash and the US economy is heading into a “depression.” 

According to the ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ co-author, this will be fueled by the fact that the US Federal Reserve will print billions in “fake money.”

“Giant crash is coming. Depression possible,” Kiyosaki tweeted late Sunday. 

He also wrote that by 2025, Bitcoin will hit $500,000, followed by $5,000 and $500 price marks for gold and silver respectively. He explained that this will be “because faith in the US dollar, fake money, will be destroyed,” adding that Bitcoin is the people’s money, and gold and silver are “God’s money.”

The spot price for gold is currently at $1,856.58 per ounce, with spot silver at $21.99 per ounce and Bitcoin at $21,864.

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