Thursday, February 29, 2024

Doval present, Sufi cleric asked PFI to be banned if guilty

Hazrat Syed Naseruddin Chishty, in the presence of National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval, today asked that Popular Front of India (PFI) be banned if there is evidence against them. 

Doval was attending an interfaith harmony meeting with Sufi clerics in Delhi where he said some radical organisations were creating acrimony and conflict in the name of religion and that it was affecting the country. He said there was an atmosphere of conflict in the world, and “if we have to tackle that atmosphere, it’s important to maintain the unity of the country together”. The way India is progressing will benefit people from all religions, he said.

The NSA further said that some elements were trying to create an atmosphere that was vitiating the progress of India. “They are creating acrimony and conflict in the name of religion and ideology, it is affecting the entire country while spilling over outside the country too,” Doval was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Speaking at the meeting, Chishty said that they condemn when an incident occurs but it was time to do something. “Need of hour to rein in and ban radical organisations. Be it any radical organisation, they should be banned if there is evidence against them,” the cleric said in the presence of NSA Doval. He said if the evidence is there against PFI, it should be banned.

The cleric’s remark come just weeks after PFI’s role was found in a plot to ‘establish Islamic rule in India by 2047’. The PFI’s role has also been found in many hate speeches and rallies across the country.

Doval said instead of being mute spectators, they have to work on the ground on differences along with strengthening their voices. “We have to make every sect of India feel that we are a country together, we are proud of it and that every religion can be professed with freedom here,” Doval said.

At the end of the meeting, a resolution was passed to ban organisations like PFI and any other such fronts that have been indulging in anti-national activities and creating discord amongst the citizens. The resolution, taken unanimously in the presence of the NSA, also states that action must initiate against such outfits as per law of the land.

The resolution also strongly recommends that any person or organisation found guilty with evidence of spreading hatred among the communities through any means must be acted upon as per the provisions of law. “Targeting any God/Godesses/ Prophets in discussions/debates by anyone should be condemned and dealt with as per law,” it states.

The NSA held the interfaith meeting as part of PM Modi’s outreach plan to maintain peace and harmony in the country.

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