Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Film-maker Ali Akbar converts to Hinduism: Pained at celebration on CDS Bipin Rawat’s death

Malayalam film-maker Ali Akbar

Renowned Malayalam filmmaker Ali Akbar has announced that he and his family will quit the Islam religion after Islamists celebrated the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat and other army officials. 

Akbar said that even top leaders of Islam are have not opposed such actions by ‘anti-nationals’ who dishonored a brave military officer and he could not accept it.

The filmmaker made this announcement on Facebook and said he will be following the Hindu religion. 

“My name will be Ramasimhan from tomorrow. Ramasimhan is a personality who was killed for sticking to culture. From tomorrow you can call me Ramasimhan. That is a good name.” he added. 

Islamists murdered Ramasimhan and his family when they converted to Hinduism from Islam in 1947. On August 2, 1947, just two weeks before independence, Ramasimhan, his brother Dayasimhan, Dayasimhan’s wife Kamala, their cook Raju Iyer, and other family members were mercilessly massacred by Islamist Jihadists in Malappuram district. 

Though the post later ‘vanished’ from Facebook, it is widely circulated over Whatsapp. Later, Akbar made another post in which he said, “The nation should identify those who smile at the death of the CDS and punish them.”

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