Saturday, December 4, 2021

First Rahul Gandhi and now Congress reveal victim’s identity: Twitter row escalates

Congress Party, which claims itself to be a Dalit sympathizer has once again shared the image of the parents of the Nangal rape victims that had violated the POCSO Act and reportedly led to the suspension of the former party president Rahul Gandhi’s official handle.

Congress challenged the social media giant Twitter to lock their account as well, pointing out that ‘nothing’ would stop them from ‘fighting for injustice’ and ‘exposing the truth’.

The party also came up with a hashtag #मैं_भी_Rahul or I am Rahul to rally behind the Congress leader and challenge the social media giant.

“@TwitterIndia lock our accounts, we challenge you. Nothing will stop us from fighting for justice & exposing the truth,” the party wrote along with the screenshot of the tweet of Gandhi with a picture in which he is seen meeting the parents of the girl.

The party even alleged that Twitter has suspended Rahul Gandhi’s account despite the clarification from micro-blogging site which said that the account has been “temporarily locked” and not suspended. The company’s spokesperson also said that when an account is suspended, Twitter removes it from a global view and won’t allow anything, however, Gandhi could browse Twitter and send direct messages to his followers; the only restriction was that he won’t be able to tweet, retweet, follow, fleet or like any tweet. 

Section 228-A of the Indian Penal Code ban the disclosure of the identity of minor rape victims but Rahul Gandhi violated the same by sharing a photograph of his with the parents of the victim. Consequently, his account was locked.

Meanwhile, Congress has been targeting Bharatiya Janata Party, alleging BJP is intimidating Twitter, however, the party won’t dare to answer why Rahul Gandhi who demands justice for victims, cannot abide by the law.

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