Thursday, May 30, 2024

Gavaskar presents his case but Kangana won’t leave him’”or Anushka

In the wake of Anushka Sharma slamming Sunil Gavaskar for dragging her into her husband Virat Kohli’s cricket affairs, the legendary Indian opener has issued his clarification.

In a chat with India Today, Gavaskar said: “I would like to say it again. Where am I blaming her?…I am only saying that the video said that she was bowling to Virat.

“Virat has played only that bowling during the lockdown period. It’s a tennis ball, a fun game that people have to pass time during the lockdown. That’s all. Where am I blaming her for Virat’s failures.

“The point I am trying to make is that there was no practice for anybody, including Virat in the lockdown. I am not being sexist. If somebody, has interpreted it, what can I do.”

Be that as it may, the controversy around Gavaskar’s comments are not going away anytime soon. Nor is Anushka going to get away with her anger in public on feminism.

Enter Kangana Ranaut. She has called out both Gavaskar and Anushka on this avoidable episode.

“#Anusha remained quiet when I was threatened and called Harmkhor but today the same misogyny coming to bite her, I condemn the fact that she was dragged in to cricket by #SunilGavaskar but selective feminism is quite uncool.” (sic).

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