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Grandnephew requests Japanese PM on Netaji’s “remains” for India

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s grandnephew, Chandra Bose, has requested the visiting Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida to have the remains of legendary Indian leader be sent back to India. 

Bose’ remains are interred in Renkoji temple in Japan. 

Chandra Bose added a layer of intrigue to the request by stating the remains be shipped for a DNA test of the ashes. 

There have been speculations that Netaji Subhas Chandr Bose didn’t die due to a plane crash as is commonly accepted. 

t claimed his life.

The freedom fighter’s grandnephew, Chandra Bose, wrote on Twitter, “Please request Fumio Kishida to facilitate DNA test of Renkoji remains of the Hero of Asia and bring back the remains to India- the land he liberated from the clutches of British imperialism. Jai Hind!”

Earlier in August 2021, the freedom fighter’s grandnephew, Surya Kumar Bose had appealed to ensure DNA tests are done on the ashes kept at Renkoji temple in Japan. 

As per PTI, Bose, who lives in Germany, had said, “Almost two decades ago in the course of the Justice Mukherjee Commission of Inquiry (JMCI), a precious opportunity to conduct a DNA test and to bring the remains of Netaji home to his beloved motherland, was sadly lost. According to the JMCI Report, the Renkoji authorities were not willing to allow a DNA test of the alleged remains.”

In his statement, he further mentioned that the chief priest of Renkoji Temple, Reverend Nichiko Mochizuki, in a letter to the Indian embassy in Tokyo, had insisted on the return of Bose’s remains. 

In another related update, Surya Kumar Bose in 2015 had met PM Modi in Berlin and demanded to declassify all secret files related to the freedom fighter.

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