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Greta Fable: The Green makeup of predatory Capitalism

The true ecologists of this world are the people who fight against the depredation perpetrated by the multinationals: those who give their lives for their communities, for mountains and rivers. Every month, dozens of these real ecologists are murdered in their countries: the bullets of the hired assassins of transnational capitalism blow up their heads full of honesty and struggle, and they die clean hands, hands that will never clasp the infamous hands of the IMF, or those of other vampires on the planet. The exploiting class and its capitalist system is perpetuated on the basis of extermination and alienation: on the basis of violence, but also on the basis of the lie it imposes through its mass media.

In several photographs and videos, one can see Greta Thunberg, the new character hyper-mediated by the cultural apparatus of capitalism, with Christine Lagarde, director of the IMF and candidate for the ECB (the IMF, this institution of transnational capitalism that plunders the nature and starving entire people). A handshake that illustrates the joy of the masters of the world greeting those who serve them in the important task of infiltrating all the struggles with Trojan Horses that lead the energies to dead ends, manipulating majorities in pseudo-struggles that never touch the root of the problems, and therefore do not solve them. The capitalism that is destroying nature, and the exploiting class that benefits from it, are not called into question by the Fable “Greta”. The planet dies and the dominant class continues with its Circus. This is absolute cynicism.

In capitalism, television, the press, the cultural industry belong to the private monopolies: these monopolies often also have capital in the military-industrial complex, the agro-food industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, etc … All The foregoing explains why the mass media do not broadcast information about anyone who actually questions their interests: no one who challenges the perpetuation of this system, questioning capitalism, will receive such hyper-mediatization.

The depredation of nature is due to the capitalist mode of production: the agro-food industry poisons the land, the mining industry devastates the mountains and rivers, etc. Overconsumption is a phenomenon remote controlled by the cultural apparatus of capitalism, by the advertising bombardment. Programmatic obsolescence, the perverse mechanism of premature aging of things, implemented by design in the capitalist mode of production, also guarantees the bourgeoisie that the masses indulge in overconsumption, because that is how the bourgeoisie fills its coffers: on the basis of exploitation of workers and on the basis of the devastation of nature.

There is no solution to the devastation of nature in the context of capitalism. Faced with the palpable tragedy of plastic continents floating on the oceans, dizzying deforestation of millennia forests, destroyed glaciers, water tables and rivers contaminated and drained, cordilleras amputated by the mining industry, depleted uranium with which the military-industrial complex bombs whole regions, CO2 levels rising sharply, the cynicism of the masters of the world is colossal. As if their approach to the question was:

“We cannot hide the sun with a finger, that is to say we can no longer hide the devastation of the planet that we, the big capitalists, are perpetrating; so now what can be done to continue looting and capitalizing is to lie about the root and systemic causes of the problem. What is important is that we are not designated as responsible; that we are not designated as the owners of the means of production, who decide what happens, under what conditions and at what rate; that we are not appointed to us by those who enrich us by the plundering of nature and by the surplus value we confiscate from the workers, who decide how the population should behave, since we push them to the overconsumption that we rich, and induce him not to question this system that suits us, a dominant minority. To pretend to be concerned about the planet, will bring back good recipes, it is enough for a good operation of propaganda on a world scale, that one sees us to listen to some symbol which we will have created before, something which does not give us not as a dominant class, as an exploiting class, and which ultimately does not call into question this system. “

But gangrene does not cure with plaster, and obviously the predation of the planet will not be held back by the placebos that the same system proposes to channel the social discontent towards dead ends.

Greta and her group appeal to the so-called “moral qualities” of the masters of the world, appeal to their so-called “good will”; once again, we enter the anesthetic fable that pretends to ignore that in capitalism the accumulation of wealth is perpetrated by the great capitalists in two fundamental ways: the exploitation of the workers and the plundering of nature. In this fable of green-washing, the existence of a so-called “green capitalism” is posed fraudulently, which is totally impossible by the very logic of the system. A “green capitalism” is not possible, nor is “capitalism with a human face” any more than a vegetarian lion. 

 And to those who argue that the imposture proclaims that “the Nordic countries are great examples of good and green capitalism,” retort that it would be better to inquire with the victims of the massacres that large northern companies have fomented in Congo to loot coltan and other resources. Do you speak to Ericsson, Saab, Volvo, Bofors, Nammo, Kongsberg, Ikea, H & M, etc? Neither very “green” nor very “human” in terms of exploitation and devastation against the workers and against nature. Oh, if we succeed in outsourcing all the cloak practices that enrich a multinational, then this cesspool is not taken into account? 

A “green capitalism” is not possible, nor is a “capitalism with a human face” any more than a vegetarian lion. Because exploitation and predation are inherent to capitalism. However, what is possible is to make up the same inhuman and in no way green face of capitalism, with tons of makeup to make it look what it is not. But a lion with a zebra mask will never be vegetarian as the effigy of his mask, just like a system like capitalism, will never be “green” like the masks that the system mediates on itself. Major multinational energy companies, predators par excellence of nature, sport hummingbird or marine fauna logos. BMW and a Swiss bank finance the boat with which Greta travels the seas.

Moreover, in the Greenwashing speech, everyone is equally guilty, and finally … “if we are all guilty, nobody is guilty of it in a specific way”, which is a way of diluting responsibilities, not to name the main culprits of this barbarism: the big capitalists, the transnational bourgeoisie.

It is true that the overconsumption is not limited to the bourgeoisie, because if it can consume much more and generate a frightening waste, the exploited class was also alienated by the advertising bombardment, to lead to overconsumption, even at the price to accumulate debts. But again, there is a question of class: because it is the exploiting class, the one that owns the means of production and propaganda, which imposes its ideological and cultural hegemony on the whole planet, it is the class an exploiter who disposes of the exploited class through the mass media that are his property. It is through alienation that the exploiting class directs the exploited class towards overconsumption. A class runs the other through advertising bombardment and through the paradigms imposed by the cultural apparatus of capitalism (individualism, consumption presented as “compensatory”, notion of “success” linked to having and not to being, etc … ). The programmed obsolescence (premature aging of things) also guarantees the big capitalists that the masses overconsume, to fill their bank accounts while devastating the planet.

By 2019, the world’s 26 richest people have the same wealth as those with the world’s 3.8 billion most impoverished people, half of the world’s population (Oxfam). A handful of billionaires own the main means of production and propaganda. 1% of the world’s population owns 82% of the world’s wealth. Data on per capita electricity consumption shows that Europe, the United States, Canada and the remaining capitalist metropolises consume, by far, the vast majority of energy consumed in the world .

In the Green Makeup discourse, we can assimilate the depredations committed by the big capitalists, by the gigantic multinationals who divert entire rivers for the mining industry, to the peoples who are the victims. We equate the victims and the executioners in this abject discourse of “we are all guilty” that makes no distinction, neither of social classes, nor between the handful of countries that consume 80% of the planet’s resources (United States, Europe Canada, Japan, Australia and other capitalist metropolises) and all the other countries in the world (the vast majority) that survive with the remaining 20%. In the Green Makeup speech, we do not talk about capitalist metropolises that overconsume versus the capitalist peripheries conceived by transnational capitalism as mere “reservoirs of resources” and pillaged to the bone, with a devastating ecological impact and a social impact of brutal impoverishment; Neither is it said that looting is perpetrated by assassinating any person or community who raises his voice against capitalist looting.

Predatory multinationals and the peoples they exterminate are assimilated. Take the example of Anglo American, BHP Billiton and Glencore by diverting an entire river to use the water in the largest coal mine in the world, the Cerrejón mine in Colombia, which causes drought, ecocide, famine and genocide against one of the main indigenous peoples of Colombia, the Wayú. More than 14,000 Wayú children died of hunger and thirst because of the capitalist looting perpetrated by these three multinationals. The coal that is mined per ton is mainly destined for the United States and Europe. So no, we are not “all guilty in the same way”. A working family is not guilty in the same way as a capitalist. The multinational Glencore n ‘ is not “guilty in the same way” as the Wayú people, who not only are not guilty, but undergo genocide. The culprits are not the thousands of social fighters, real ecologists, who are killed daily by the bullets of the hired assassins of transnational capitalism; but those who plunder the planet and pay hitmen to exterminate any opposition to capitalist looting.

For our dead, not a minute of silence in the face of the barbarism and the pantomime with which the transnational bourgeoisie claims to cover up its crimes: more than 1500 peasants, indigenous, Afro-descendants, environmentalists, social activists, were murdered in Colombia by transnational capitalism in five years, several thousand in Mexico, as much in various countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. And this same bourgeoisie comes to us with its fable of the teenager with braids, which does not question the capitalist system and which is hyper-mediatized, with this staging that feels Euro-centered paternalism, with this decor that stinks the cynicism, with this theater that stinks simulation so that nothing changes.

They experiment to see how we swallow all their montages with a smug smile, while they, the members of the exploiting class, continue to destroy the mountains and the rivers, the oceans and the forests; they continue to perpetrate ecocides and genocides, they continue to push millions of looters on the roads of the exodus, they continue to transform the planet into landfill and the human beings into insane (and to the one who does not let alienate , and who claims to fight outside the tracks of the useless, is thrown to him the paramilitary and military ball, the political persecution and the prison).

Berta Caceres, Chico Mendes, Macarena Valdes, Mapuche, RP Global,

“As long as we live under capitalism, this planet will not be saved; because capitalism is against life, ecology, human beings, women, “said Berta Cáceres, a genuine ecologist and Honduran social fighter, murdered for opposing capitalist looting. Chico Méndes, another authentic ecologist, defender of the Amazon and social activist murdered to silence his voice class consciousness, to try to curb the political organization of the dispossessed, already announced before being assassinated, the impostures of ” greenwashing “(we did not use that term then, but the fact already existed). Against capitalism and its Green Makeup, had also risen Macarena Valdés, Mapuche ecologist murdered because of his defense of nature and the community. Macarena had confronted the multinational RP Global, of Austrian capital, which promotes energy sold as “renewable and sustainable” (omitting its participation in ecocide and genocide against the Mapuche people). The activists against the depredation of nature are thousands, their voices are not publicized, their lives are often short because they are shattered by the repressive tools at the service of transnational capitalism.

And if a country claims to nationalize its natural resources and not allow multinationals to plunder them, it is bombarded, victim of imperialist wars; it is invaded by religious mercenaries, fanatics incubated since the empire, then by the NATO boots; he is tortured, martyred, and bloodthirsty. Where are these so-called “ecologists” of the system when US and European imperialism is slaughtering nature and peoples in Iraq, Libya, Colombia, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc. Ah … there is no “demonstration” On their part, is not it? … Of course, the puppets are due to the theater, to fool the dupes, to make thousands of people who have been (and are daily) murdered by transnational capitalism for having truly defended the planet in the first place, are even more ignored in the midst of all the cacophony, the hypermediatization of The fiction. But the struggle continues, against capitalism and its barbarism; because the cosmetics with which they claim to cover its stench, we are numerous and numerous enough not to be swallowed.

(This article by Cecilia Zamudo is taken with gratitude from, a French news website).

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