Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Had sex with a top industrialist’s wife while he watched, says Vadra’s brother-in-law

Congress’ acting president Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law is Robert Vadra—and his brother-in-law is Tehseen Poonawalla. He has caused a sensation by confessing that he had sex with the wife of a top industrialist in the country while the latter watched it from a distance. 

In a reality TV show, “Lock Ups” yesterday, anchored by actress Kangana Ranaut, Poonawalla was said to reveal a personal secret. He then remarked: “I was given an offer bye a top industrialist of India to sleep with his wife. And for that, he booked my entire nightclub for the weekends. His condition was that he wanted to see me having sex with his wife.”

Poonawalla said he enjoyed the “encounter.”

“I absolutely enjoyed it. The industrialist was at a distance. He was only watching. My only condition was he will not touch or intervene. It wasn’t a threesome. He had only watched from a distance.”

“He had certain fantasies which his wife and I played out for him. I don’t mind even sharing that because there’s nothing wrong. He wanted me to treat his wife like my property and he wanted to watch and enjoy the experience. I didn’t care about it,” Tehseen Poonawalla justified his act and said that he did not regret it. 

Poonawalla said this sexual encounter happened before he married jewellery curator Monicka Vadera. Monicka is cousin of Robert Vadra. He said he had shared the secret with his wife before they got married. 

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