Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Hindutva is inclusive…takes along all religions, says RSS

RSS leader Krishna Gopal

New Delhi: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh joint secretary Krishan Gopal stressed that Hindutva is not just a symbol of Indian solidarity but it’s a symbol of global solidarity’. Speaking at a book launch event, the Sangh leader said that Hindutva does not divide humanity and those living with this fundamental thought and philosophy for thousands of years embracing everyone are Hindus. 

“Hindutva is inclusive, it does not divide humanity. There is no possibility of excluding even our enemy from our vision and thoughts as we believe that we are incomplete without everyone,” he said, adding, “Hindu is a tradition, thought and philosophy which has been there for thousands of years in this country. He said this at an event event organised to unveil a book titled ‘Hindutva Arthat Bharatiya Ekatmata, Muslim Vidwesh Nahin’.

While focusing on the title of the book which in English means ‘Hindutva means Indian solidarity, not animosity against Muslims, the RSS leader said that during COVID-19 pandemic people of this country came forward to help everyone, including animals and birds.

He said people of this country have different religious beliefs and political inclination but are united.

“This sensitivity and sentiments rooted in the soul are continuing for thousands of years. People may have different religious and political thoughts. No problem. All of them are one of us, that’s how we think,” he said.

The RSS leader also spoked on Indian inclusiveness and invoked Pakistan to put forward his point. “Pakistan was not able to accept two languages (Urdu and Bengali) but the Indian Constitution accepted 22 languages including Sindhi when Sindh is not part of our country. It is called inclusiveness.”

“India is the name of the county which can take everyone along, all religions,” he further said.

The event was organised by Muslim Rashtriya Manch. The book has been written by former vice chancellor of Nagpur University SN Pathan.

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