Friday, December 1, 2023

How to stop an overthink mind: Stunning how simple it is!

Struggling with racing thoughts?

Our brains may get out of control when it comes to thinking – or overthinking.

A trick to pause your thoughts and silence your mind in a matter of just a few seconds has blown people’s minds.

TikTok page The Mental Level shared the ‘Jedi mind trick’ and people are stunned at how quickly they can quieten their minds.

The video begins: “Here’s a Jedi mind trick to slow down and eventually stop your mind completely any time you want. You’ll be amazed at how you feel.”

The meditation is inspired by a question from spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle.

So, what’s the trick?

Slow your breathing and ask yourself right now: “What my next thought is going to be.”

“Just acknowledge it if something came up. Let it go and gently take a deep breath, relax your muscles and once again ask yourself from this really relaxed place what your next thought will be.”

The video prompts, “Ask again. Stick with this until you find a rhythm to experience the full effect.”

You will notice your mind slowing down and stopping entirely.

“Notice how your brain is in a rhythm of letting go of the thoughts that arise, that it is now aware of,” the expert said.

He added, “Notice the clarity and relaxation you can release into now and go about your day being present.”

Netizens were impressed with the trick as it worked wonders and helped them stop their racing thoughts. Here’s what they said:

“You just set my brain in airplane mode.”

“Omg, I just realized why I be going blank when I’m trying to talk to people…it’s cause I be trying to think of what I’m to say next.”

“I—it feels like my brain just stopped and told there on the verge of a void. What is this sorcery, lol, thank you?”

“As someone who over thinks and constantly has noise going on up there this was extremely calming. I was shocked how silent my head was. Felt nice.”

“This just put my brain on mute almost immediately. Thank you.”

“I have ADHD. I cannot believe how quickly this worked. I’m stunned.”

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