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How TOI and HT watered down beheading call from Jammu mosque

Mainstream media organisations have long served as reliable partners for the Islamists and rabid extremists in whitewashing and downplaying their offences while obfuscating the facts of the matter and keeping their readers in the dark. Something similar played out recently when prominent media organisations such as Times of India (TOI) and Hindustan Times (HT) chose to limit information consumed by their readers over the threats issued by a Muslim cleric in a Jammu mosque.

In the wake of the controversy over comments on the Prophet Muhammad, a video from Jammu had gone viral on the internet showing a large number of Muslims congregated around a Masjid and comments about beheading and killing people over blasphemy allegations being shouted over loudspeakers. The threats, hurled by a Muslim cleric at the mosque, were directed at former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma over her comments on Times Now debate last month, where she cited Islamic Hadiths to comment on Prophet Muhammad.

Besides, Ashish Kohli, a journalist based out of Jammu, also attracted the wrath of the Islamists for simply extending his support to Nupur Sharma amidst the vile death threats hurled at her for her comments on Prophet Muhammad that were derived from Islamic scriptures.

In addition, the Muslim cleric at the Jama Masjid in Jammu echoed Islamic terrorists in dehumanising Hindus and mocking them with gaumutra jibes. A curfew was imposed in the region to maintain law and order amidst communal tensions that flared up in the wake of the hate speech by a Muslim cleric in Jammu.

However, for mainstream media organisations like the Times of India and the Hindustan Times, it was yet another occasion to muddle their readers by feeding them incomplete and deceptive information. In an article published in the Hindustan Times titled “Curfew imposed, the army called to hold flag march”, the organisation failed to mention how the Muslim cleric from the Jammu mosque aped Islamic terrorists in deriding Hindus as “cow urine drinkers”.

Even though the video of the inflammatory video had gone viral on the internet, the article was substantially economical with the truth, conveniently missing out on critical details of the incident and failing to mention who made the provocative speeches and against whom.

Neither did the report mention the thunderous applause the Muslim cleric received from the crowd as they chanted ‘sar tan se juda’ slogans after being inflamed over comments made by Nupur Sharma and support extended to her by Ashish Kohli.

Similarly, the Times of India also published a piece steeped in vagueness and ambiguity instead of grounding in facts and the truth. In its article titled “Curfew in J&K town after communal tension”, the Times of India refrained from including damning details of how a Muslim cleric in a mosque in Jammu insulted Hindus with gaumutra barbs, whipped up a communal frenzy by issuing death threats to former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and journalist Ashish Kohli.

The Times of India article went a step ahead and defended the murderous Islamists baying for the blood of Nupur Sharma and Ashish Kohli, stating that two miscreants provoked the community with objectionable comments. Of course, what transpired outside the Jama Masjid in Jammu was not elaborated on in detail lest it would shift the focus on the Islamists for issuing ‘sar tan se juda’ threats and insulting Hindus with gaumutra jibes.

Muslim cleric and his hate speech

The incident took place at Jamia Masjid in Bhaderwah in the Doda district in Jammu, where a Muslim cleric was openly threatening to behead Nupur Sharma and those supporting her over comments on Prophet Mohammad made by Nupur on a TV show, which had resulted in her suspension from the party. The cleric also threatened that if the police do not arrest those who oppose azan and hijab, then Muslims will catch them and behead them.

In the video from Thursday, a cleric is heard saying that Hindus drink cow urine and bathe in cow dung. The person from the balcony of the Masjid announces in the microphone, “Gaaye Ke Peshaab Peene Walon Ka, Gobar Se Nahane Walon Ka, Haisiyat Kya Hai Inki. Inko Jo Hawa Milti Hai Humari Ibadat Se Milti Hai, Inko Jo Dariyaon Se Paani Milta Hai Humari Barqat Se Milta Hai. Inka Wajood Kya Hai (What is the status of these people who drink cow piss and bath in cow dung. The air they breathe is because of us and the water they drink is because of us. What is in their existence.)”

Further in the video, the person announces, “Mere Bhaiyon, Ek Baat Zehen Me Baitha Lo, Hum Tabhi Tak Shant Hain Jab Tak Humara Bardasht Kayam Hai. Agar Hum Bardaasht Se Bahar Nikal Gaye Toh Fir Wo Nupur Sharma Kya, Wo Ashish Kohli Kutta Kya. Wo Nupur Sharma Ke Sar Kahi Aur Dhad Kahi Aur Milenge (Brothers, keep it in your minds, we’re silent until we are patient. If we become impatient, then Nupur Sharma and that dog Ashish Kohli will not be left. Nupur Sharma’s head will be found somewhere else and torso somewhere else.)” This followed a shout by the crowd screaming the Islamic slogan, “Naara-e-Taqbeer Allahu Akbar.”

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