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IAF objects to Anil Kapoor ‘disrespecting the uniform’ in an upcoming movie

Anurag Kashyap is accused as director of taking liberties which offend the sensibilities of Hindus. But this time he only shares the frame with the “offender” Anil Kapoor who has fallen foul of Indian Airforce.

Netflix is releasing AK vs AK on December 24 which stars Anil Kapoor, his daughter and son, Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Kapoor, but the movie has fallen into controversy with no less than Indian Air Force raising objections on a few scenes.

The Indian Air Force has objected to Kapoor’s character in the uniform of an Air Force officer in the film, using foul language and “disrespecting” the uniform. The IAF has asked the film-makers to withdraw the objectionable scenes.

Indian Air Force’s Twitter handle wrote, “The IAF uniform in this video is inaccurately donned & the language used is inappropriate. This does not conform to the behavioural norms of those in the Armed Forces of India. The related scenes need to be withdrawn.”

The clip pointed out by IAF also shows Anil Kapoor using ugly language, which does not “conform to the behavioural norms” of IAF personnel.

Netflix has subsequently released a statement on social media: “Hon. @IAF_MCC, our intention would never be to disrespect the Armed Forces of India in any regard. AK Vs. AK is a film in which Anil Kapoor and his co-stars are playing themselves as actors. At no point does the film represent the Indian Air Force.

Anil Kapoor also released a video and offered “a humble apology for unintentionally hurting anyone’s sentiments.”

He said, “My character in the film is in uniform because he is an actor playing the role of an officer. When he finds out that his daughter has been kidnapped, the anger and rage he experiences and portrays is that of an emotionally distraught father. It was only in the interest of remaining true to the story that my character is still wearing the uniform on his quest to find his missing daughter. It was never my intent or the intent of the filmmakers to disrespect the Indian air force.”

“We have nothing but the highest respect for the brave people protecting our nation.”

AK vs AK is a movie in which Anurag Kashyap and Anil Kapoor play real-life characters. Kashyap is a director while Kapoor is a movie star. Kashyap wants Kapoor to act in his film. In order for it to happen, Kashyap kidnaps the daughter of Kapoor. It brings about a confrontation between the two.

The film is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane.


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