Thursday, June 13, 2024

Pakistan requests India for help on mosquitos!

Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Pakistan following the deadly flooding that claimed more than 1,600 lives last month, the government has approved the procurement of 6.2 million mosquito nets from India in an effort to safeguard the population from vector-borne diseases. On Tuesday, the Pakistan government gave a nod to the nation’s health ministry. Further, The News International reported citing Pakistani health experts, “Malaria is spreading at a rapid pace in 32 flood-affected districts of the country where thousands of children are infected with the mosquito-borne diseases”. 

According to Pakistani officials, the nation’s health ministry took permission to purchase mosquito nets from India last month as a result of the emergence of malaria in flood-devastated districts. They also asserted, “The Global Fund will provide financial resources to the World Health Organization (WHO) to procure mosquito nets from India for the flood affectees in Pakistan,” ANI reported.  

The Pakistani officials claimed that they desire to receive the nets through the Wagah route by the middle of November and that they intend to acquire them as soon as possible. 

The World Health Organization predicted on Saturday that 32 districts in flood-devastated Pakistan will have 2.7 million cases of malaria by January 2023. Additionally, the organization urged world leaders to “do a lot more” for Pakistan. Cholera, measles, and dengue are some of the other illnesses afflicting the country, according to Geo News. The WHO declared the floods in Pakistan a Grade 3 Emergency and expressed concern about the second wave of disease outbreaks that are sweeping the flood-affected areas of Pakistan, The News reported. 

Furthermore, WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus revealed that health facilities had been flooded, their supplies had been harmed, and people had left their homes 

In a statement, the WHO chief said that to reduce the danger of sickness from contaminated water, the government and partners have been providing safe drinking water and access to restrooms. He added, “WHO has provided water purification kits and oral rehydration salts to manage diarrhoeal diseases.” Partners are also assisting in ensuring safer housing and bed nets to fend off mosquitoes and the diseases they spread, he clarified.  

In order to meet the needs of those in Pakistan who have been devastated by floods brought on by climate change, the United Nations earlier this month released a revised flash appeal for USD 816 million. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, OCHA, the updated “2022 Pakistan Floods Response Plan” (FRP) was shared with UN member states and humanitarian groups in Geneva 

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