Tuesday, March 5, 2024

India would follow its own interests, says Russia’s FM Sergey Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday that India had made it clear that their country would ‘follow their own interests’ amid the war with Ukraine. The remarks came even as Europe’s energy crisis worsened this week, with Moscow halting gas deliveries to Germany via a key pipeline for an indefinite period. Meanwhile, the G7 nations have vowed to set a price cap on Russian oil imports and the latter has replied that in that case it would stop supply of energy altogether to those nations. 

“India doesn’t want to join the sanctions. Indian leaders, including my colleague, EAM Dr S. Jaishankar, have publicly rejected any attempts to involve them in restrictions on the Russian energy purchases. They have made it clear that they will follow their own interests,” he said, speaking about the prospects of the Russian-Indian partnership.

Over the past several months, the sanctions imposed on Russia by Westerns nations in retaliation for its military operation in Ukraine have sent food and energy prices soaring and triggered record-high inflation in many countries.

The G7 nations have promised to move towards a price cap on Russian oil, specifically designed to reduce Russian revenues and its ability to fund the ongoing war. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak had earlier condemned the idea of a price cap on Russian oil as absurd, warning that Moscow would not deliver oil and oil products to countries that support the decision.

The showdown on energy also comes amid growing alarm over Europe’s largest nuclear plant which is under the occupation of Russian troops.

In recent days there have been repeated warnings about the possibility of a nuclear accident in Zaporizhzhia, with a 14-member team from the International Atomic Energy Agency reaching the area earlier this week for an inspection. The UN nuclear watchdog’s chief, Rafael Grossi, said that the site had been damaged in fighting.

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