Thursday, May 30, 2024

Indian army is well-stocked for all seasons, says General Rawat

Indian army is well-stocked for all seasons is the assertion of General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Defence Staff, as he assured the members of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence on Friday.  

As per a Times Now report, Gen. Rawal informed the committee that even if additional troops were deployed on LAC and borders elsewhere, the troop has enough ration.

Sources claimed that army officials gave two provisions on provisions and quality of ration and ordnance as the meeting began at 3 p.m yesterday afternoon.  

“The official giving details of supplies and stock assured the committee that for any situation along the border including LAC, Army is well stocked. He also said that the Army has adequate stock of 10 months to meet any casualty,” stated the source.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi asked questions on the difference in the nutritional value of army official and jawans.

“He had asked why bread is not made available to the jawans like their seniors,” stated the source.

It is learnt that Gandhi was pained that his comments were leaked even before parliament could ratify the minutes of the meeting, as per a member Lt Gen (retired) DP Vats.

“Congress deliberately and selectively leaked the details of parliament standing committee discussion before being ratified in parliament. I welcome Rahul Gandhi for attending the committee meeting for the first time. The difference in the food of army personnel is due to the fact that our army is still working on British army lines. That time Britishers used to eat bread and they were on top posts and it continues. Inferior ration talks are completely bogus,” said Vats, Rajya Sabha MP.

Vats while diverting on the violence on LAC said, “There are temporary phases in border issues. Our Army is in an advantageous and disadvantageous position. LAC is an understanding area of common patrolling. Now China has stationed its Army on a few of these points, so, we too did the same. They question our Arunachal as well. Both countries should work on the demarcation of the border. Violent happenings were not expected as bringing rifles weren’t allowed. China is neither a well-meaning friend nor well-meaning neighbour. We need to be in a continued state of preparedness and continued state of hybrid war to keep China in check,” added Vats.

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