Indian Express

Ms Sonia Gandhi: Tell us he is not your Hit-Man

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Is he the hit-man of Ms Sonia Gandhi?

Even if it bores you please pay attention to English newspapers closely for the agenda followed by them could be seen even by a blind.

Next: Kanhaiya of homosexuals

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Who's the Kanhaiya of homosexuals?

Let’s second guess the agenda of our English mainstream newspapers in next few weeks/months.

Express on JNU: Devil quoting from the scriptures

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the lead headline which has no relation to the real text

If you are an Indian Express reader you have just been told: you are the dumbest, stupidest, bumpkin, buffoon, idiot, thick-headed, retarded, imbecile reader

Indian Express drops the ball again on JNU!

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Stories and headlines which are misleading and wrong on JNU affair

Indian Express of February 25, 2016 is a collector’s item.

Express must censure itself on Richard Verma story

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US envoy's speak on JNU is little better than "plug" of a news story

Today, Indian Express reported on Richard Verma’s visit to Bihar and the US envoy’s comment that “free speech is a key tenet” of India and United States on i

Indian media is sick and hurting

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Mainstream English media is a troll sitting on top of India and nobody can do a thing about it

The JNU incident has made many believe that Indian mainstream English media is sick, very very sick. They would pick on a Dadri and a JNU but would ignore Kannur's Sujith or Malda. Their agenda is casteist and divisive. A fine piece on Indian media by R. Jeyamohan is worth our time. 

Aamir, tell Kiran: Certainly Not US

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Aamir, time to revisit "intolerance" call on India?

Donald Trump has repeated his call on Muslims. But that's nothing new. US has often legislated against immigration of Arabs, Asians, Africans and even Europeans in the past. 

Modi pulls plug on US agenda

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“I can read between the lines, Barack”

No words of praise could be enough for the Modi government to refuse visas—SO FAR!—to two US officials, Susan Coppedge, anti-trafficking ambassador and Randy

How Obama inflames intolerance in India

Ajoy Kumar, Indian Express, Moody’s, Melinda Gates, Obama on intolerance in India, US prisons, Rapes in US Army, Rapes by US police, homicides by police in US, Rapes in US universities

Your roof is leaking Mr Obama: (pic courtesy businessinsider)

Obama talked of "intolerance" in India while US itself is in a moral cesspool. Shouldn't he mind his own business and not refresh the story of the naked emperor? NewsBred investigates in this final piece of the three-part series. 

Look at Moody's whom media quotes with relish

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Moody's has just about this much credibility left in its purse

In this second part of our series where NewsBred shows our mainstream media quoting discredited sources on front page to slam the government for "growing intolerance" in the country, today it's time to show Moody's knickers.