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Modi pulls plug on US agenda

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“I can read between the lines, Barack”

No words of praise could be enough for the Modi government to refuse visas—SO FAR!—to two US officials, Susan Coppedge, anti-trafficking ambassador and Randy

How Obama inflames intolerance in India

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Your roof is leaking Mr Obama: (pic courtesy businessinsider)

Obama talked of "intolerance" in India while US itself is in a moral cesspool. Shouldn't he mind his own business and not refresh the story of the naked emperor? NewsBred investigates in this final piece of the three-part series. 

Look at Moody's whom media quotes with relish

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Moody's has just about this much credibility left in its purse

In this second part of our series where NewsBred shows our mainstream media quoting discredited sources on front page to slam the government for "growing intolerance" in the country, today it's time to show Moody's knickers.