How US hands were forced on Iran sanctions

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Kerry's interview is a give-away on Iran

Confirmation that international sanctions on Iran have at last been lifted is unequivocally a victory for Iran.

Russia won’t finish off IS in Syria

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Russia will not stay in Syria for long

Russia has no intention to stay put in Syria even if Islamic State (IS) isn’t wiped out. This was Putin’s goal anyway, comments The Saker.

TAPI pipeline: The Afghan Taliban factor

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Afghan Taliban factor would keep India on edge

Good news: work on TAPI has begun. Bad news: the Afghan Taliban is has expanded. India’s big dream is at crossroads. New Eastern Outlook investigates.

Modi-Putin warmth sends chill in West

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Putin-Modi broad smiles could make West sulk

Modi's visit to Russia looks to deepen ties between the two countries beyond the strategic framework. It surely would discomfit the West. 

India thumbs nose at China

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Such bonhomie is a stuff of dream now

In the first part of this series, we looked at Japan and India raising hackles against

Why Saudis have formed a bloc against IS

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The unending tragedy of Middle East : courtesy Global Research

Saudis ought to have been the first to smash IS given its threat next door. Now suddenly they've woken up to the threat with a 34-nation military bloc. What's the reason?

5 points is all you need to know of Paris Climate deal

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India  has been asked to leap-frog the fossil-fuel age

Below are the five things for all one need to know about the just-concluded Paris climate talks in case you feel swamped by the barrage of news, expert opinions and diplomatic language. 

IS-Turkish military friendly chat on video

Islamic State, IS, ISIS, Turkish border guards, Turkish military, Kurdish, Kobane

IS terrorists-Turkish border guards in friendly chat on video

A video has emerged of ISIS jihadists having a lovely chit-chat with Turkish border guards.

Turkey shoots itself in foot

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What do I do next mate?: Erdogan in a bind

The official statement of Turkey on downing the Russian fighter jet on Tuesday has left them with no place to hide—much to the embarrassment of its daddies s

Russia ups the ante against Turkey

S-400, Moskya, SU-24 pilot, Sergey Shoigu, Turkey and ISIS, Islamic State, Patriot Air Defence Missile System, Obama, Putin, Jens Stoltenberg

NATO-Russia battle lines are clearly drawn now

NewsBred brings you the latest from the war theatre in Middle East as well as analyse why Turkey shot down the Russian fighter jet plane on Tuesday.