Turkey accomplice of IS: Putin

Putin has warned Turkey of grave consequences

Russian president Vladimir Putin minces no words in stating that ISIS is not only funded by Turkey but also receives its military support. 

Turkey downs Russia's fighter jet

Rusisian SU-24,  AIM-9 Sidewinder, Turkish f-16, Turkish airspace, Syrian airspace

Russia's premier SU-24 jet fighter was downed by Turkey

The downing of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey is going to further increase an already tense situation in the region.  (view the plane in flames in our

Mali attacks and France’s agenda

Mali jihadists, Bamako insurgency, Operation Barkhane, Operation Serval, French intervention in Africa, Sahel desert, Sahara-Sahel desert, Kidal, MNLA, France in Chad, Mali’s gold reserves, Niger’s uranium reserves, US help to jihadists, Mali hotel attack, Radisson Blu

French president Francois Hollande in Mali in 2013: Another media blackout

What is being done to Greece, Portugal and Spain through debt trap, is being repeated in Mali through bombs and bullets. 

Unanswered questions of Paris attacks

Bataclan Concert Hall, Charlie Hebdo, Kosher Grocery Store, 9/11, Charles de Gaulle nuclear aircraft,  Syrian passport, Paris Attacks, Friday the 13th, Francois Hollande, Marine le Pen, Pegida, UK’s Independence Party, Refugees, Middle East, Asad, Syria, France, Obama

The theory that doesn’t hold together: Pic courtesy Independent


Since investigation is not a process our newspapers follow, let me ask these questions on your behalf in the wake of Friday the 13th attacks in Pa

Al-Qaeda to ISIS: Let’s be brothers

Al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri, ISIS, ISIL, Al Nusra, Jabhat an-Nusrah, Crusade

Ayman al-Zawahri's call to ISIS has come too late in the day

Al-Qaeda’s boss Ayman al-Zawahri has urged ISIS and all of his “brothers” to band together. Funnily, he himself is running for his life in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

TPP plots to cripple China

TPP, China, AIBB, Australia, New Zealand, US, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Japan, Chine, Peru, Canada

TPP plots to hit China's exports--the engine of its economy

TPP between US and 11 other Asia Pacific nations is aimed to encircle China and cripple its engine of exports. Worryingly for the world, it puts the levers of a nation into the hands of mega corporation giants.

Russia shows up US Middle East Policy

Russia, Syria, Assad, United States, Islamic State, al-Nusra, Syrian Free Army, al-Qaeda, airstrikes, Obama, Putin, Middle East, Sergey Lavrov, Syrian refugees, terrorists, good terrorists

Syria’s ground reality on map and Russian sukhois

Vladimir Putin is smoking the hell out of terrorists in Syria and the world should be grateful for that. You could read below and contrast it with the reports you’ve been reading—and make up your own mind.

Nepal Crisis: China, India must reduce trust deficit

Nepal, Constitution, China, India, United States, monarchy, trade, economic aid

Nepal is sandwiched between India and China’s interests

Nepal constitutional crisis has brought China and India face to face. It must reduce trust deficit. Asia's security requires both to cooperate. It could otherwise go the Middle East way. The dream of 21st century belonging to Asia would go up in smoke. 

Why India will never drift away from Russia

Russia, India, China, Pakistan, military deal, Sukhoi, helicopters

How Russia-Pakistan military deal was a fake news

Indian media cried hoarse over reports on Russia-Pakistan military tie-up. It has turned out to be manipulated. 

Are refugees pawns in Germany's game?

Germany, Refugees, Turkey, Syria, IS, US, camps, asylum-seekers, migrants

Fleeing refugees a licence for full-scale war against Syria

Germany's chairty for refugees need a closer look. Poignant images of refugees could turn into a pretext for full-scale war against Syria.