9/11: How bin Laden’s family was flown out of US

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Why 9/11 Commission Report pages are still missing?

Below is an excerpt from writer Ashish Shukla’s book “How United States Shot Humanity: Muslims Ruined; Europe Next,” available worldwide, in which 9/11 events have been examined like few other works have. 

Serbia sets example for EU in refugee crisis

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Dead child; families brutalized is the tale of a largely heartless EU

Local residents in Serbia are offering watermelons from their gardens to asylum-seekers. There are hoses of water running for them to drink from. In Miratovac, people hand out milk to mothers of young children. Contrast this with the European Union which has only inane and flimsy reasons to keep out refugees. It doesn't lack capacity--only political will.

Why has West shunned China’s WW II parade?

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China’s military parade is shunned by a hypocritical West

China celebrates the 70th World War II memorial parade in Beijing today. West has shunned it, saying military display on the occasion is in bad taste. All it has done is to bare its’ hypocrisy. 

Russia’s endgame in Syria

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Russia’s diplomacy is bearing fruit on Syria at a critical moment of history

Even as US-Turkey have sounded the war bugle on Middle East, Russia has intensified its diplomatic efforts in the region which are beginning to bear fruit.

A Great Depression looms for United States

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US stocks are manipulated by financial corporations

In last 5 years, ninety percent of all the earnings of the biggest companies in the US have gone for stock buybacks and dividends. US stocks no longer represent the national economy.

A financial Pearl Harbour for world economy

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Why is China intent on building ghost cities?

The present currency war is said to be the financial Pearl Harbour.  In a three-article series, NewsBred takes a close look at Chinese, US and Indian financial mayhem. 

Iran has been a victim since 1953

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The roll call leaves United States nowhere to hide

Iran an aggressor or a victim? Truth leaves United States nowhere to hide as Noam Chomsky nails the facts down in an article.

Iran deal or war soon: Obama

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President Barack Obama predicts war if Iran deal doesn't go through

On Iran deal, a bellicose president Barack Obama predicts war if the deal doesn't go through the US Congress.

Iran deal could be a smokescreen

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Iran nuke deal : A closer look

Though world has hailed the nuclear deal, tension within the Middle East has brought it an edge. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has termed it the "darkest day in world history."

Madrasas: A dissenting voice

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Madrasas are vilified for wrong reasons

Madrasas are not factory for terrorism. Indeed most terrorists have reasonable backgrounds and have done higher studies