Sunday, May 19, 2024

Jaishankar slams Rahul Gandhi: Spare the soldiers

‘Jawans don’t deserve it,’ said External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar addressing the Parliament in the backdrop of numerous comments being made on the security forces with the December 9 India-China clash in Tawang in focus. Making it clear that there was absolutely ‘no problem with political criticism’, S Jaishankar gave a piece of advice to the Opposition to keep the Forces away from this exchange of opinion. 

“The word ‘pitai’ should not be used for our jawans,” said the External Affairs Minister, reacting to Congress’ Rahul Gandhi’s recent claim that the Indian soldiers were getting ‘thrashed’ by their Chinese counterparts.

“From what I can make of the current situation, China is not preparing for an incursion but a full-fledged war. The threat is clear but our government is ignoring the threat. The Centre is trying to hide facts from us but it won’t be able to hide such things for long,” Rahul Gandhi had said.

Further, the Wayanad MP had taken credit for ‘warning the government’ to be cautious, and ‘understand what is happening’. The Parliamentarian had also dragged in S Jaishankar, saying that there is a ‘need for the External Affairs Minister to deepen his understanding of things’.

Reacting to the same, Jaishankar said, “I have heard that my own understanding needs to be deepened. When I see who is giving the advice I can only bow & respect.”

Coming to India’s response to the border situation, the External Affairs Minister said, “If we were indifferent to China then who sent the Indian Army to the border? If we were indifferent to China then why are we pressurising China for de-escalation and disengagement today? Why are we saying publicly that our relations are not normal?”

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