Monday, April 15, 2024

Japanese man spends Rs 12 lakhs to turn into a dog!

A man from Japan has fulfilled his lifelong dream of wanting to look like an animal. Twitter user @toco_eevee has posted pictures of himself on Twitter that have left the internet stumped. His transformation into a “collie”, a breed of dog, was made possible by a professional agency called Zeppet.

According to local Japanese news outlet news.mynavi, Zeppet provides a large number of sculptures for movies, commercials, amusement facilities and also produces costumes that have been seen on TV and costumes of famous mascot characters in Japan.

The entire costume is estimated to have costed more than ₹ 12 lakh (2 million Yen) and took 40 days to make.

Toko has even spoken to news.mynaviand when asked about why he chose a collie, he said, “I made it a collie because it looks real when I put it on my taste and costume. My favorite is quadrupedal animals, especially cute ones. Among them, I thought that a big animal close to me would be good, considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog. Long-haired dogs can mislead the human figure. I met such a condition and made Collie, my favorite breed of dog.”

he interviewer even asked him whether he could move his limbs freely, to which he responded, “There are restrictions, but you can move it. However, if you move it too much, it will not look like a dog.”

Toko even has his own YouTube channel where in one video he can be seen asking viewers for “requests for the video you would like to see.” It is very difficult to locate a picture of Toko, outside of him in this dog costume.


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