Do yourself a favour and watch Modi on jobs and farmers

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Modi's riposte on jobs and farmers

We the citizens of India have unsparingly been addressed by the media and political commentators on the failure of Modi government on the matters of jobs and

Our politicians are for polls, not people

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KCR and his promise of "Federal Front"

We are all wary of politicians. Deep in our hearts we know they are populists. All they want is to win elections.

Lutyens Media are now at Kumaraswamy’s throat

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Coincidences do happen. Both Times of India and Hindustan Times took the editorial route to chide HD Kumaraswamy on Tuesday.

Joke is on Siddaramaiah; he and his loyalists are now BJP’s B team!!!

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Kumaraswamy (left) and Siddaramaiah: squabbling

The joke is on Siddaramaiah.