Friday, June 21, 2024

Kamal Nath cuts Hanumanji’s image on temple-shaped cake on his birthday

This week, on November 16th, Kamal Nath hurt the sentiments of millions of Hindus by cutting a “temple-shaped” cake with an image of Lord Hanuman and a saffron flag on top during his birthday celebrations, 

The video has gone viral and drawn strong comments from politicians and people on social media. Now when they saw that due to this they lose votes, they started remembering Hanuman Ji. Who draws Hanuman Ji on a cake, and then cuts it? Isn’t this an insult to the Sanatan traditions? This is an insult of Hindu Dharma and it is unacceptable,” CM Chouhan said. 

BJP leader Amit Malviya also chastised Kamal Nath saying that during elections Kamal Nath claimed to be a Hanuman bhakt (devotee of Lord Hanuman) and is now insulting Hindus and their deity. 

“Former MP CM and senior Congress leader Kamalnath, runs a knife through a four-tiered, temple-shaped cake, with a saffron flag and image of lord Hanuman on top. During elections he had claimed to be Hanuman bhakt and is now insulting crores of Hindus by denigrating their deity…,” Malviya tweeted.

Though Kamal Nath’s birthday falls on November 18, his supporters decided to advance the celebrations during his visit to his hometown Chhindwara. 

Kirti Sudhanshu, the director of KKF Foundation which had arranged the temple-shaped cake, has now apologized for what has transpired. 

“I want to apologise for what happened, our intention was not wrong, however, we made a mistake while making the cake. Kamal Nath Ji had nothing to do with this, dragging his name in the controversy is wrong, ” said Sudhanshu. 

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