Monday, May 20, 2024

Kangana is illegal; but Dawood’s stand tall in Mumbai even after HC order

Social Media is brutal and from time to time they provide us an insight which is ordinarily missed by mainstream media.

The latest case is the alacrity with which Birhanmumbai Municipal Corporation tore into Kangana’s building in Bandra, Mumbai even when the owner wasn’t present in the premises. It took an intervention by the Bombay High Court for BMC to pull back its bulldozers and cranes—but not before much damage had been done.

Social Media has cast its brutal eye on the episode and one that has caught our attention is the parallel they have drawn with Dawood Ibrahim and his illegal constructions around the mega city.

Tweeted Veeresh Malik, who writes in these columns: “The Illegal building of Dawood Ibrahim in Bhendi Bazaar Mumbai, Haji Ismail Musafirkhana, was not demolished even after several orders of the High Court in June. The BMC said in that due to Corona, it lacked officers. But officers-in-a-few hours to demolish the Kangana temple.”

Various other interesting tweets are filtering in as the day is breaking out. One read: “Manish Malhotra has an office next to Kangana. He was given a seven-day notice period. Kangana was given 24 hours…”

It is claimed that Mumbai has around 2.5 lakhs of illegal constructions.

One rebuked BMC: “The fear of Dawood is so big that the one of High Court looks lesser in comparison to BMC officers.

In reply one said: “Dawood se darr nahi lagta sahaab. Kangana se lagta hai (We don’t fear Dawood as much as we fear Kangana).


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