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Kangana terms pseudo-seculars as “termites”

Fiery Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has intensified her war against a group of journalists in the entertainment industry, calling them “bikau” (bribe-takers) and “deemak” (termite) in a couple of videos posted on her sister Rangoli Chandel’s twitter account.

“They are pseudo liberals, not secular at all, if they were secular they wouldn’t be attacking the unity of India on religious issues,” Kangana said in her video posts on twitter.

Kangana, a renowned actress and now a director, is a celebrated star who has won three national awards and four Filmfare awards. She has featured five times in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 list. 



Kangana’s response is in the wake of Entertainment Journalists’ Guild of India banning her following her spat with a journalist of Press Trust of India (PTI), Justin Rao, a few days ago.  

In one of her videos, Kangana, in an oblique reference to Rao has accused him of running her down on issues of grave importance such as her campaign against use of plastic and the damage it does to environment; her campaign against cow slaughter and animal cruelty; or even the naming of a film (Shaheed).

“I have zero-tolerance for anti-nationals. Jo apne desh se gaddari kare, jisme khata hain usi mein ched karta hain…(Those who betray their own nation, who drill holes in the very plate which serves them food),” said Kangana.

Speaking entirely in Hindi, Kangana has made frontal attack on this set of journalists. Sample:

“Muft ka khana khane pahuch jaate ho” (These people descend on venue just to have free lunch)…

“10vi fail (10th fail)…what makes you patrakar…

“They have started abusing me, they would ban me…

“Mujhe cover nahin karenge, mera career barbaad kar denge…(They wouldn’t cover me; would destroy my career);

“Arre nalayankon, desh drohiyon, bikau logon, tum logon ko khareedne ke liye lakhon bhi nahin chahiye, tum log itne bikau ho ki 50-60 rupee mein bik jaate ho.. (You worthless, anti-national, bribe-seekers, it doesn’t take lakhs to buy you out; only Rs 50-60 are enough)…

“If you were happening people, I wouldn’t have become the highest paid actor..My movie Manikarnika wouldn’t have given a Rs 150-crore business…

“Please ban me because I don’t want fire to be put out of your kitchen…

Kangana lamented that these people seem to get away with murder.

“Yeh apne gande bhadde vichaar sabke saamne rakhte hain aur inke khilaaf hamara constitution mein koi penalty, koi sazaa nahin hain (These people air their despicable opinion in public and our laws don’t seem strong enough to punish them).”

In her diatribe, Kangana used the word “chindi patrakar” (rag-picker journalist) for a particular journalist.

In a promotional event of her forthcoming film, Judgementall Hai Kya, Kangana accused this particular journalist of running a smear campaign against her. Following the furore, The Entertainment Guild asked for Kangana’s apology. The actor refused and the Guild slapped a ban on her. Ekta Kapoor, the producer of the film, on her part, has apologized to the Guild. Kangana’s sister on her part has tweeted that “forget maafi (apology), Kangana tumko dho dho ke seedha jaroor karegi (Forget apology, Kanaga would thrash you into shape.

Last clearly has not been heard on the matter.

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