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Kanhaiya Lal’s killer linked to Ajmer Dargah’s khadim

Gauhar Chisti and Riyaz Attar (inset)

One of the killers of Kanhaiya Lal, the unfortunate beheaded tailor of Udaipur, had met a Khadim of Ajmer Dargah, named Gauhar Chisti, it has been claimed. 

Gauhar had called for the beheading of Nupur Sharma on June 17 for allegedly committing “blasphemy”, it has been reported by journalist Nikhil Choudhary, citing sources. 

Chisti had travelled to Udaipur to meet Riyaz Attari, one of the murderers of Kanhaiya Lal, after making the provocative speech. The same day, Riyaz has issued threats to Sharma and her supporters through a video. 

Reportedly, Khadim Gauhar Chisti had asked Riyaz to make the disturbing video after brutally beading the Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur. He is currently on the run from the law enforcement authorities.

“Gauhar Chisti is currently absconding for the last few days. Gauhar Chishti had asked Riyaz to make the video after the murder, Mohammad Riyaz Attari and Gaus Mohammad were going to #Ajmer to meet Gauhar Chishti after the heinous murder of #KanhaiyaLal in #Udaipur,” journalist Choudhary has tweeted.

As per a report by India TV, Gauhar Chisti is the nephew of Sarvar Chisti, who heads the Anjuman Committee of the Ajmer Dargah. On June 17, Gauhar participated in a silent procession outside the dargah gate and raise slogans of “Sar Tan Se Juda”.

“If someone insults our Prophet, we will not tolerate it. There is only one punishment for blasphemy,” he was heard addressing a large mob. “Beheading”, responded his supporters in unison.

“Nupur Sharma has harmed the honour of our Prophet. She has no right to live,” Gauhar had briefed the media. 

According to Zee News, the Khadim is an active member of the radical Islamic outfit Popular Front of India (PFI).

The news channel reported that murderer Riyaz Attari was also a regular visitor to Ajmer. He would often meet co-accused Anwar Hussain, who is currently in the custody of the Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). Reportedly, Gauhar used to work as a mediator between the two.

The Khadim’s uncle, Sarvar Chisti, had threatened that any insult in the glory of the Prophet would not be tolerated and the country would shake by the movement that will be led by him.

In a video, Sarwar Chishti said, “The situation in the country right now, is such that people are committing blasphemy. They are doing mischief in the glory of the Prophet, in the glory of the Khwaja. We will not tolerate this at all. We will launch such a massive agitation that the whole Hindustan will shake.”

According to the reports, Sarwar Chishti calls himself a member of the Popular Front of India. In 2020, he defended PFI saying the organisation was ”saving India’s constitution”.

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