Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Karan Johar’s clip surfaces in social media; confirms Kangana Ranaut’s charge

Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar is facing increasing heat by the hour in the last two days. 

First, famous Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut gave an hour-long interview to Arnab Goswami on Republic TV in which she laid bare various charges against Karan Johar, including a mention of a lecture he gave at Oxford University in England where he mocked Ranaut and asked her to leave Bollywood industry.

Ranaut said in the interview that Johar had said it to resounding applause from the audience and she was so distraught that she wanted to shave her head and disappear from the face of the world.

Now that particular clip of Karan Johar has surfaced in social media. A netizen, has tweeted the moment in public domain. Karan Jahar, in this 36-second clip, is heard saying:

“I am done with Kangana playing the woman card, the victim card. I am done. I mean you can not be victim at every given point of time, who has a sad story to tell about how you have been terrorized by the bad world of the industry. Leave it. Who is forcing you to be on a gunpoint to be in the movies. Leave. Do something else. All of you, I mean Agar Chane ke Jhad Pe Aap Daloge (If you puff up a person beyond his stature) this is what would happen. “

In her interview, Ranaut had termed Johar as part of the “suicide gang” in Bollywood. This was in reference to the tragic suicide of rising star Sushant Singh Rajput who it’s believed was harassed to the extent by the Bollywood biggies that he preferred to end his life.

Sushant was the only person, Ranaut says in the interview, who stood by her and asserted that it’s only nepotism which works in the Bollywood industry.

Ranaut said thereafter Sushant was a marked man and all efforts were made to destroy him career-wise and mentally.

Maharashtra Police has opened investigations into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and this present clip of Karan Johar in public domain could only mean growing trouble for the famous Bollywood filmmaker.

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