Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Kejri’s AAP and its’ two opposite stance on Oxygen-deaths: Covid-19 shame

Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party in May this year had submitted to Delhi Court where it claimed that the deaths of 21 patients at north Delhi’s Jaipur Golden Hospital on April 23-24 was not due to lack of medical oxygen. 

However the Delhi health Minister Satyendra Jain has completely flipped, targetting the Central government for informing the Rajya Sabha that no deaths had been reported due to lack of oxygen during Covid-19 second wave. 

“If there was no shortage of oxygen, why did hospitals move court? Hospitals and the media had been flagging oxygen shortage issues daily. Television channels showed how hospitals were running out of life-saving gas. It is completely false to say that no one died due to oxygen shortage. There have been many deaths due to oxygen shortage in Delhi and many other places across the country.”

It’s important to note that the four-member committee constituted by AAP itself, to probe the number of deaths due to lack of oxygen in hospitals, had submitted in the Delhi High Court that “there was no mention of any oxygen shortage in any of the case records.” 

In its preliminary report, the committee had refused to attribute the cause of death of patients to lack of oxygen and had stated that almost all of them were either very sick to critically ill during the course of their hospital stay even prior to the evening of April 23.

It is worthy to note that the Delhi government was slammed by the Supreme Court of India for mismanagement of the oxygen in the capital. The Supreme Court-appointed oxygen audit team had exposed the Delhi government’s claims of oxygen shortage in the national capital, saying that the Delhi government had exaggerated the oxygen requirement in Delhi by more than four times.

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