Monday, April 22, 2024

Lakhbir would never insult Guru Granth Sahib: Family suspects foul play

Lakhbir and his wife Jaspreet Kaur

The family members and relatives of Dalit Sikh Lakhbir Singh, who was brutally killed at the Singhu border by Nihang Sikhs for allegedly desecrating their holy book ‘Sarbloh Granth,’ demands high-level probe to bring out the truth.

According to Lakhbir’s family, he could never disrespect the ‘Sarbloh Granth’ as he was the biggest believer of Guruji and paid obeisance at the gurdwara twice a day. 

“My son was the biggest believer of Guruji. I want to ask the Nihangs… they could make a video of them killing my son, but the allegations on which he was killed, do they have any proof of that?” said Lakhbir’s uncle Harnaam Singh, 75, who adopted him as a child after he lost his parents.

“What proof did they have that Lakhbir desecrated the Sarbloh Granth? You want me to believe that there were CCTV cameras at Singhu, thousands of people with phones, such a big incident happened, and nobody made any video of Lakhbir running with the Granth?” he added, referring to the Nihangs’ allegations of insulting Granth. 

He also said even if he had done something like that, he should have been handed over to the police. 

“I suspect foul play in this entire incident. We demand a thorough investigation into what actually happened with my son,” demanded Harnaam.  

Lakhbir is survived by his estranged wife and three daughters. Though the two separated due to Lakhbir’s bad habits, Kaur vouched for her deceased husband and said she has no doubt Lakhbir was innocent.

“I can say this with absolute surety that he could never insult our Granth,” she repeated. 

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