Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Left-Liberals are now defending Greta Thunberg because she is ‘only 18 years old’

After Greta Thunberg was caught in her own plot, the Liberal-Leftist forces are busy whitewashing her image and saying this against a girl who is a mere a child. It’s another thing though that these miserables had trolled young people with the wildest of abuses in the past. Then the age of youngsters hadn’t mattered. 

Swara Bhaskar, for instance. She has now stood up in defence of Thunberg and citing her tender age of 18 in her defence. It’s another matter that in one of her TV shows, she had once called a kid “chu**ya.”

Then there were a few who individuals who were harassing a girl-child online. A minor girl was given the threat of rape. Guess what? Swara Bhaskar defended the aggressor than the poor girl. 

Names such as Prashant Bhushan, Vishnu Som, Rohini Singh and Dhruv Rathee are making rounds in defending Greta Thunberg on the grounds of her age. Never mind the same child had initiated a “toolkit” against the Republic of India in a global conspiracy. 

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