Sunday, May 19, 2024

Maharashtra’s CM’s medical cell chief cries on rampant Corona in the state

So bad is the rampant Coronavirus pandemic in Maharashtra, the worst-affected state in the country, that head of Chief Minister Medical assistance cell couldn’t help but break down when asked about the sorry state of affairs.

Om Prakash Shete, in a video which has gone viral, said: “I feel very bad, cannot sleep at times. A temple built once upon a time has now fallen,” he seemed to be saying metaphorically while relating to the worsening COVID-19 situation in the state. 

Shete who has also been the former Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to ex-CM Devendra Fadnavis, said, “The common man is unable to save himself. The discretionary power lies with the CM, it is up to him how he uses it but now people are suffering which is in front of you.”

“We have served 17 lakh people, now people are dying. Every day 600 people die. I feel exhausted after replying to people. I don’t have any hopes left hence I have gone to court, that is my last hope. If the common man cannot be saved then…(he sobs) feel bad for them. Many people are dying, why they are dying. It is my request to the court, to remove this technical error,” he said as he broke down in front of the media.

Maharashtra reported over 21,000 cases on Wednesday which took its tally to nearly 13 lakhs. As many as 33,886 have died. No less than 479 died in Maharashtra on Wednesday which amounts to 42% reported dead due to Coronavirus in the country on Wednesday.

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