Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mamata Banerjee now travels 300-km long distance to Purulia!

Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee made a 300-km long journey to Purulia today, notwithstanding the “sever bone injuries” she had suffered on her campaign-nomination day in Nandigram on March 10. 

Banerjee who had been seen in a public meeting on Sunday, on a wheelchair of course, is apparently on move. She declared: “People’s pain is greater than my pain.”

Referring to her injury, sustained last week in Nandigram, she said, “I was injured in an incident and it’s my good luck that I survived. I have a plaster and I cannot walk. Some thought I wouldn’t be able to step out with this broken leg”.

The Chief Minister as expected lashed out at BJP. “The BJP won here because of lies. They are selling off everything,” she told the crowd in the constituency where the BJP had won massively in the 2019 General Polls. 

“We are engaged in development and BJP is increasing prices of fuel and gas, there is no kerosene also.”

Mamata offered free ration in case she came back to power. 

“People from the civil society who raise voice against the government are silenced…political parties are being silenced. I will continue to fight against such practices…BJP hatao desh bachao,” Banerjee said.

“PM Modi is incompetent, cannot run the country,” Banerjee said.


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