Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mimicking Alia’s voice to order a pizza: Watch

Imagine this: you answer the call to take an order and find that your customer is in fact a famous celebrity! How do you deal with the situation? Do you panic and blabber out random praises for them or stay cool and continue with the order? 

Well, a pizza place employee was recently met with a similar situation and it’s safe to say he kept his calm throughout the hilarious prank that was being played on him. 

Mimicry artist Chandni has been known for her spot-on expressions of Bollywood celebrities like Alia Bhat and Kangana Ranaut. Chandni has recently skyrocketed to popularity because of her super fun videos and imitations of Alia Bhatt. One of Chandni’s most recent videos shows her placing an order for a pizza in Alia Bhatt’s voice and the resemblance is uncanny!

The video starts with Chandni reading out a dare that had been passed by her fans. It read, “Order a pizza from a place of your choice in Alia Bhatt’s voice.” She quickly gets to work and aces it on the first try. She even pauses to ask which pizza Ranbir would want, to make the act realistic. Keeping in mind that Alia is vegan, she carefully asks for a vegan and gluten-free pizza too. The person on the other end of the phone is startled when she says her name is Alia Bhatt. With some stutters here and there, the person manages to stay calm and complete the conversation; take a look at the video here:

The viewers were highly impressed with Chandni’s skills and many of them praised her for it. Some of the best comments are listed below:

“That was perfect, I closed my eyes and I could Imagine Aloo (Alia) speaking.”

“Absolutely love this!!!! I hope this reaches Alia!”

“Poor fellow…how he was fumbling”

“Woh ladka puri umar ye din yaad rakhega” (The guy is going to remember this day for his entire life)

“They do have vegan pizzas, but it seems he got confused because Alia Bhatt called him”

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