National Conference

Central armed forces for polls in Bengal

Mamata Banerjee, Mehbooba Mufti, National Conference, Omar Abdullah, Arvind Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh, Firhad Hakim, TMC, Ramzan

Polls in Bengal unleash violence

Mamata Banerjee and Mehbooba Mufti, two of the many cry babies of Indian politics, are sounding their disapproval after the 2019 General Elections poll dates

Congress and its’ Soz and Karra; and why India is worried

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Congress supremos with Karra (left) and Soz

Saifuddin Soz is no ordinary Congress leader.

Facts on J & K that never reached you

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Maharaja Hari Singh, Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah

History, in India, is a strange subject and historians even stranger. The subject is reviled by students who perceive it to be dull and boring.

BJP asks Express to apologize—here’s why

BJP wants Express to apologize for misreporting PM

BJP wants Express to apologize for misreporting PM

They offer "regret" to Arun Jaitley. BJP asks them to "apologize." Law Commission pulls them up. But why Indian Express won't mend its ways. 

Kashmir: Ask your Barkhas and Rajdeeps

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The pictures in Kashmir Valley that don't make a headline

Ask yourself whether your Barkhas and Rajdeeps have ever highlighted these simple facts about Kashmir. And whether the aim of presstitutes is division and not cohesion of India.