Monday, May 20, 2024

Nehru used to take drugs, says a Union minister

In what could spark a huge controversy, Union minister Kaushal Kishore has said that late prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru used to “take drugs and smoke cigarettes”.

Kishore, who is Union Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs, went on to say that Mahatma Gandhi’s son also used to take drugs.

The Union minister made the controversial remarks at a de-addiction awareness programme in Bharatpur in Rajasthan on Wednesday.

“Jawaharlal Nehru ji used to take drugs, used to smoke cigarettes and a son of Mahatma Gandhi ji used to take drugs. If you read and see then you will know,” he said, ANI reported.

“Our entire country is under the grip of drug menace. I urge media persons to make people aware of the disadvantage of taking drugs and create fear among them against taking drugs by informing them about the deaths and other mental, physical problems caused due to drugs. If this happens, sale of drugs will be stopped the way sale of poison is stopped,” he further added.

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