Tuesday, December 5, 2023

No fresh funding to Ukraine, Israel: US stopgap funding bill

Both Israel and Ukraine haven’t been provided with funds as president Joe Biden had requested in the stopgap spending bill which was cleared just before the funding deadline expired on November 17. 

It means that neither Israel nor Ukraine would get more US money anytime soon, as per Michael Maloof, a former security piece analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. 

“There was $1 billion left by, once again, one of those creative accounting systems within the Defense Department. Oh, look, we found another $6 billion. Well, it’s now down to this pile that they miraculously discovered, it is down to $1 billion. And it’s not going to last,” said Maloof, apparently referring to funds the US allocated previously to support Kiev.

According to Maloof, the matter of US support for Ukraine and Israel presents a conundrum of sorts, seeing how Democrats (who currently control the Senate) are eager to bankroll the regime in Kiev but less eager to provide aid to Israel. Republicans (who control the House of Representatives) meanwhile, favor helping Israel over sending more money to Ukraine.

“So this is going to be another source of debate and confrontation between the two houses. And it may turn out that one will be held hostage to the other. And will they work it out? Who knows,” he remarked, noting that the willingness to support Ukraine seems to be waning not only in the US, as “even the Europeans are expressing increasing doubts.”

When asked how the countries in question, especially Ukraine, are supposed to obtain funds in lieu of the US support, Maloof simply replied: “They’re going to have to suck it up.”

“They’re going to have to learn how to shoot more accurately if they want to keep shooting at the Russians. They obviously are incapable of that,” he said, referring to the Kiev regime war effort. “They burn through ordnance faster than I’ve seen anything like it. And under peacetime conditions, neither the United States nor the Europeans collectively can produce it fast enough to supply them without reverting their own industries to full wartime production. And the American people won’t settle for that.”

(This piece is courtesy Sputnikglobe.com)

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