One Belt One Road

India, Iran, Russia look for new trade corridor

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India, Russia and Iran explore new route

India, Russia and Iran are meeting next month to work out the details of a massive project to open a new sea-land transport corridor that would be a cheaper

Why China wants railroads in Afghanistan?

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Opium Trade: China fights down US influence

Illicit heroin trade from Afghanistan flourishes under US’ nose. China has its own strategy to stop the spillover effect.

Indo-China Cold War is bad news for BRICS

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Indo-China Cold War suits US interests

The Indo-US agreement on sharing military logistics to counter China’s assertiveness in Indian Ocean could have wider ramifications. 

Why are Russia, China buying tons of gold?

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China and Russia hold the gold ace up their sleeves

China has abandoned its peg to US dollar; Russian central bank has been selling its holdings of US treasury debt-all to buy tons of dollars. 

Reuters and other lies on South China Sea

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(from left to right): Marine Traffic map and the Lombok Strait

Once you have read this piece by Peter Lee, an American, on South China Sea you would start hating your newspapers for the lies they serve up. Ignore it and remain a sucker all your life.

Iran could be the new China

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Iran being in play is a seismic event

It’s currently quite a toss-up when it comes to naming the hardest working man in geopolitical business: Chinese President Xi Jinping or Iranian President Ha

US, China must avoid a new Cold War

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Such bonhomie between world's two biggest powers ought to get real

Chinese president Xi Jinping is in United States for a week-long state visit. This, at a time when the Sino-US relations are at its lowest ebb. Among others, one reason is China’s policy of One Belt, One Road. One of world’s renowned geopolitical experts, Shen Dingli dispels a few notions in this piece.