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“Only NDTV, Wire, BBC allowed”: Poster recovered from PFI site

Till now, we have known that recent arrests of Bihar Police (Mohammad Jallaluddin and Athar Parvez) with links to Popular Front of India (PFI) and its political arm Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) revealed the plan of Islamists PFI to control India by 2047 and completely dominate the  “coward Hindus.” And that this goal would be achievable with even 10% of Muslims rallying behind them. 

Now we know of a poster with “Only Allowed NDTV, The Wire and BBC” recovered from their training venue, as tweeted by a blogger Ravi Ranjan. 

OpIndia has published a few instances when these media houses have whitewashed the crimes of Islamists by terming them as “son of a headmaster”, an “engineer”, “shy boy” etc. 

In 2019, the BBC termed the convicted former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt as the whistleblower in Gujarat 2002 case. They termed as related to prime minister Narendra Modi’s tenure as chief minister of Gujarat. The truth is, it was about the custodial death that happened much before the 2002 riots. 

In the same piece, they claimed that reason for the fire that killed 59 karsewaks was not clear. However, in 2011 the BBC itself admitted the train was attacked by a Muslim mob. 

In March this year, while reporting on the movie The Kashmir Files, the BBC took bites of people who were affiliated with opposition political parties and showcased them as general Kashmiri pandits. 

And then there is NDTV. The habitual offender in whitewashing the Islamists. One of its anchors, Vishnu Som recently claimed that speaking about Islamic terrorism could hurt the sentiments of common Muslims. 

In one of the shows, a lawyer and co-panelist Desh Ratan Nigam alleged: “95% of the declared terrorists are from Islam. And 95% of terrorist organisations are from Islam.” 

“So do we, therefore, typecast everybody who is Muslims (billions of them exist around the world)?” the NDTV journalist defended. 

In the 2020 Delhi riots, The Wire claimed that a school, which was used to store stones, bricks etc was a handiwork of aggressive Hindus. Later, it was known that the Rajdhani school, the institution in question, was a Muslim-owned school that was used as a base to launch attacks. And that it was the DRP School, owned by a Hindu, which was completely gutted. 

OpIndia claims that on multiple occasions, the Wire’s owner Siddharth Varadarajan whitewashes the crimes of Islamists. A detailed analysis of his write-ups could be seen here

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