Tuesday, May 21, 2024

‘Out to get Arnab’¦he would have to be locked up’, claims a Republic sting

Republic TV claims to have done a sting operation on a Congress spokesperson who, it claims, has said “nobody could stop the shutting down of Republic (TV).”


Republic TV claims that the Congress spokesperson, Raghvendra Shukla, is an insider of the Mahavikas Aghadi (MVA) coalition government of Maharashtra.

“Strategy is that he (Arnab Goswami, Republic Media network’s editor-in-chief) would have to be locked up. This is sure. Nobody on the planet can save him from being banned,” Shukla is quoted to have said.

“There is a team assigned by Uddhavji (Maharashtra CM). They have been told that ‘you will just be involved in this and nothing else.’ He (Arnab) should understand what he speaks,” the Congress spokesperson said.

Further, “the team has already started its job” and more issues just like the “TRP scam” would come out in next two days.

“Now what the scheme is, there is a department…whichever it be…there are so many branches of intelligence” to “find that person’s weakness.”

The leader said whichever reports comes from Uddhav Thackery’s tem related to Republic, the “Mumbai CP is being instructed to probe that first,” as per the Republic media website.

“Yes, see the mastermind behind all this is Shri Sharad Pawar ji. today the administration is being run by him. If he says that no cases should be registered, then nothing will happen because you can consider him a senior figure, who has a major contribution in the alliance,” the man said.

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