Sunday, June 23, 2024

Pak women win glory yet ridiculed at home for wearing shorts!

Pakistan’s women football team beat Maldives 7-0 in the 6th South Asian Football Federation Championship to make history on Sunday. 

However, when the women’s team returned home to a journalist asking the panel: “Why are the women players wearing shorts rather than leggings during the matches?”

It seems like having one’s knees exposed during a game is a bigger concern despite the fame and success one brings to the nation. 

The SAFF Championship was the first international tournament the Pakistani team competed in eight years. Nadia Khan became the star player of the match, leading with four goals. India, with a record of five winning titles in the tournament’s history, was knocked out of the championship for the first time.

The journalist in question is Rafiq Khan and he is being taken to cleaners on social media. 

“As you know, we belong to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is an Islamic country. I want to ask why are these girls wearing shorts,” Khan asked the team and coach Adeel Rizki.

But Rizki was just not having it. “We understand that we are an Islamic nation and that our values are very strong. Then again, it is important to be progressive in sports,” the coach said. Taking a more diplomatic stance, Rizki then added, “We have never tried to stop anyone as far as the uniform is concerned; it’s something we don’t control.”

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