Wednesday, July 24, 2024

“Putin only expressing what everyone is thinking”: Amadou Tidiane Wone

It is important to regain the balance “of the political and social forces that were created as a result of the last war,” Amadou Tidiane Wone, Senegal’s former Culture Minister, writer, and pan-Africanist, has told Sputnik.

Wone believes that the Russian President “expresses what everyone else is thinking”: the adjustable sanctions imposed “according to the client’s wishes and not according to the rules of international law are beginning to irritate”.

“The law of the strongest is often implemented under the guise of rules of law that trample on the aspirations of peoples. This is unjust and worrying,” he added.

According to Senegal’s former culture minister, new emerging powers must contribute to the redefinition of new poles of equilibrium.

“And to this end, Africa offers a variety of approaches, particularly because of its marginalization from the major world decision-making bodies: is it acceptable that the African continent does not yet have a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council? At the diplomatic level, Russia would gain by supporting the African continent in this sense,” he said.

The former Senegalese minister also commented on the fact that African countries have voted at the UN overwhelmingly against anti-Russian resolutions which have been proposed because of the military operation in Ukraine. According to him, this shows how profoundly Africa’s ruling elites have changed.

“More and more displays of defiance against the old world order will become visible. Africans are becoming aware that their continent is still unspoilt and rich and that, with sincere friends around the world, everything is possible!”

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