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Rahul attends 2 out of 14 meetings and he then walks out: Javadekar

The Centre on Thursday hit out at former Congress president Rahul Gandhi after he along with his party MPs walked out of a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence.

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that Rahul Gandhi has only attended 2 meetings out of the 14 meetings in the past one-and-a-half years and then he complains “why the important issues not discussed in the meeting.”

“Rahul Gandhi said instead of important issues, why are smaller issues being discussed. Maybe he does not know that there are meetings to set the agenda for the year. He was not present at that time. In the past one and a half years, 14 meetings took place out of which he was present only in 2 of them. When there is a perfect time to speak, at that time he won’t speak. His colleagues too will follow him and then blame the government and the BJP that they are not discussing important issues,” Javadekar said. 

“The issues are discussed as suggested by the members of the panel only but he does not know about this as well. It can be seen how much he respects constitutional procedures as he staged a walkout. A Standing Committee is not a place to give lectures and protest. When Congress was in power, at that time the Manmohan cabinet government had passed a proposal but he tore it in the public,” he added.  

Prakash Javadekar further said that the Rahul Gandhi will remain absent, won’t say in advance about his agenda, then will attend a specific meeting and complain that important issues are not being discussed. “This is an insult to constitutional organizations. Rahul Gandhi should learn to respect such organizations or else his role in a democracy will become negligible,” he said.

Congress leaders alleged that the panel’s time was being wasted in discussing armed forces’ uniforms instead of the crucial issue of national security

The agenda of the meeting was a briefing by the representatives of the Ministry of Defence on ‘An introduction to the rank structure of the defence forces including their uniforms, stars and badges’ and ‘Review of working of cantonment boards’. However, Rahul wanted to raise the issues of Chinese aggression and better equipping the soldiers at the border in Ladakh but was disallowed by the panel chairman Jual Oram (BJP).

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