Thursday, May 23, 2024

Rahul booked for flouting various IPC sections by UP Police

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been booked as well as his sister Priyanka Gandhi under various sections in a FIR by the UP police on Thursday.

Rahul, Priyanka and 153 identified and 50 unknown individuals have been charged under Sectins 188, 269, 270 of the Indian Penal Code and the Epidemic Diseases Act.

As per the police, Congress had entered into a physical scuffle with its personnel after Rahul Gandhi refused to heed their advice.

No social distance was observed and many people were not wearing masks.

Another FIR has been registered against 53 Congress workers including state president Ajay Lallu for damaging a police car and injuring some personnel under Sections 332, 353, 427, 323, 354, 147 and 148 of the IPC.

On Thursday, Rahul and Priya with scores of party workers had left Delhi to meet the gangrape victim’s family in Hathras. Their cars were stopped at the Delhi-UP border by the police. They then chose to move on foot.  However, a large contingent of policemen tried to thwart them in the wake of Section 144 being imposed in Hathras district.

Hence, they were arrested and after being escorted to Delhi, released.


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